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#201665 - Still she knew that thought would come back to haunt her sometime in the future. Peter and John climbed in behind Mary and Jan respectively and I watched Jan stop sucking for a minute as John entered her from behind; Mary on the other hand did not miss a beat as Peter grabbed hold of her buttocks and pushed forward taking her pussy in one big push. “No replied Jan, I can’t see Jim going for that at all, mind you, now that I let him screw my arse, perhaps I should demand that he let me do it to him” “NO”(said Sally) “Don’t demand anything, just talks and ask, you will find that it will get you more than by demanding from anybody, like if you lay there and demand I keep going to bring you to orgasm, I would probably just stop and walk out of the room, unless of course we were playing dominatrix from the start, I want to bring you to orgasm and it is better that I hear you say things like Please and don’t stop it so good! Rather than being turned off by demands.

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