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#259341 - I was completely exhausted but I didn't want this to end and I knew Jay was going to fuck me in the ass and I couldn't wait, I got off his cock and got on all fours Jay positioning himself behind me he slipped his fingers into my extremely wet pussy and then moved them to my ass using my own juices to lubricate my tight ass, his cock still wet from our fucking, he pushed against the entrance to my tight little ass eventually causing it to open up enough that the tip of his cock slid in to me with a popping noise, and for the next ten minutes he worked his cock deeper into my ass taking his time so not to hurt me but I wanted it all so with him having about six inches all ready inside I pushed my ass back on to him the next time I felt him push forward my ass swallowing the rest of his delicious cock. You see when Jay greets me or says goodbye to me he always gives me a little peck on the lips and I've resisted the urge to just plunge my tongue into his mouth and to drag

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Who wants to fuck me like this
Rika shiguma
Name plz