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#330721 - About a week and a few thousand orgasms later Steve and the newly named Jessica found them selves back at Doctor Dave's private office for the second half of the procedure, So Jessica how is the first half of the procedure working for you? Dave asked using the new name that Mike had chosen for herself, It's been wonderful, Doctor Dave Jessica replied, Well I see that the female hormones are starting to work as well your male features are starting to look more feminine, this is good it means that when were done you will look more like a woman Dave said as he pulled out a book of pictures, Now comes the part where you can pick out the kind of breasts you want Dave said passing the book of pictures to Jessica, You mean I have a choice? Jessica asked, Yes you can pick from this book the size and shape you want your breasts to look like when they are done Dave said as Jessica started to flip though the book. Master! MASTER!! Jessica yelled as Steve delivered anot

Read Load 【已完结】隐密的诱惑(作者:陶冶) 第1~30话 Bukkake 【已完结】隐密的诱惑(作者:陶冶) 第1~30话

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