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#297511 - I was already day dreaming about the end of the school day, Then she dropped her phone that I guess she was playing with, I instinctively started to bend down to pick up the phone as she spun around and did the same thing our hands met at the same time, kind of like a ''Lady and the Tramp'' moment, I looked over at her only to be looking straight down her shirt, where I thought I could make out the outer edge of her right nipple she then whispered in my ear. I step off the bus onto the warn asphalt of my road, we all chat about everything that happened at school today, well, not everything. I explain to the girls how to smoke from the bong You're going to breath out all the air you have in you lungs, then your going to put your mouth here, and cover this hole and suck in, then when your almost out of breath take your thumb off of the hole and suck in as hard as you can hold in the smoke for a few seconds and then blow it out and, DO Not cough into the

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Gundo mirei
Soooo awesome to hear
Yessss my type of party
Ay usted me hace a venir
Shizuka hoshijiro
Vraiment de tres belles et excitantes videos bravo et merci le seul bemol que je trouve c est que l essentiel des mots prononces c est putain putain oh putain c est un peu dommage un peu plus de variete des dialogues un peu plus crus entre vous procureraient davantage d excitation a vos spectateurs et peut etre meme a vous aussi continuez ainsi c est vraiment bon
Fumiko otonashi
Neiva do ceu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk