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#269882 - I could barely get the head in but went slowly and very gentle for a while until she started to get more comfortable, I could tell she was enjoying it because she started to cream on it. She saw his cock and could not stop looking at it, long story short she sucks him off but not before saying she had never been with a black man before then after sucking on it leads him into the other room by his cock. One day I went into the local porn store looking for a dildo to try to help fulfill my fantasy, I found a black dildo with a suction cup at the end, it was fairly realistic looking and quite large (compared to me) about 8, so I figured I would buy it.

Read Oiled Junyoku Kaihouku | 純欲解放區 Fuck Her Hard Junyoku Kaihouku | 純欲解放區

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