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#343070 - It was the dream of the obese man and his wife to have an offspring but it was impossible and adoption wasn’t neither one. It was a patient blindfolded tied to his bed, he had blood all over his body and his face was all covered with bandages; the patient was naked and his cock seemed to be part of an experiment, it had needles implanted through it and there was a puddle of blood over his chest, it seemed the scientists had intended to introduce some kind of device through his navel, but failed in the attempt. “Oh man, I feel pretty exhausted, I really want to sleep” - responded Han with a weary tone almost yawning, the pain was almost gone due to the sleep, Han couldn’t control his cock anymore his cock was having strong contractions and it could be seen in the transparent tubes coming out of his piss-hole how the animated wire was extracting his precious young seed.

Read Gagging Buta no Shinmenmoku - Original White Buta no Shinmenmoku

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Fam fan fan
So amazing
Syoko hoshi
Nice deepthroat
Maes hughes
Can anyone give me directions to where gru lives
Rei ryuugazaki
I want a gf like this
Dearka elsman
Awesome hentai i liked your facial expressions