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#273119 - It was enough for today, as the guys left and we sat talking, Grant asking how my beach fun had gone, and Prince’s fuck today, We set about working out a plan for tomorrow, as Grant could stay over again,, then we said about Liz, hell we have time tonight for her too, if she’s game, and Grant told me about a guy he had talked to, who was into kink too, and wanted to join us. Liz went over and gave Tony a cuddle , saying sorry ,she didn’t know, he smiled back, saying, it was the first female butt, he had fucked and that it was good, and he might even turn straight, and laughed. She kept fisting me, as the guys fucked her, I rode her arm, working both until I felt my butt, take a hot load of cum, then with a sly smile, took Liz’s fist and moved it back one hole, Tony sat watching, his eyes glued to our fun, it was some 20 minutes or so, before we slowed and rested.

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