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#166612 - He waited a few moments, allowing Lorraine to get changed into her nightclothes before getting up, putting his robe on and knocking on her door ‘Come in’ he heard Lorraine coo, and he opened the door, she sat there in the double bed with her nightclothes on, a long white T-shirt that reached thigh length and a black bra visible underneath to support her shapely but fake breasts, he guessed she’d have black panties on as well. He threw her onto the floor in front of him and he sat down in the tall-backed leather swivel chair, unbuttoning his jeans he wriggled to get them around his ankles ‘Suck’ he demanded, Lorraine looked at him, then at his semi-erect penis, then back at him, a stern expression covered his face, he knew that he had given her exactly what she had asked for, her intentions were to masturbate while sucking him off, just to relieve herself, but the itch in her pussy would remain, she couldn’t even rub her asshole because of the way her hands were bound ‘Don’t make me

Read Spain [Mekaigo] Nee-chan wa yoku wakattenai. Ch. 1-2 Masseur Nee2

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