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#407843 - She closed the last folder – that would be the final ones in the park behind her staff quarters – just as Bo exited the bathroom, a towel wrapped around as a woman would: tightly, to show a small cleavage; he had applied some face make-up and looked so sweet and cute, and in truth, a very pretty woman, though I assumed he had a man’s penis below. But, I hope we can see each other and be friends at least. I made love with Bo exactly as I would with a woman – where was Tuan I wondered, but let the thought lapse as Bo’s hands began stroking my back, from my neck to my buttocks; I slid in, slowly, found a barrier just as I would with Tuan, and withdrew, before plunging harder and stronger once, and I slipped out to the tip of my prick, moving my mouth to Bo’s neck and licking him, taking his mind off to different places as my tip just tickled a few cms inside him; and then I bit his earlobe as I thrust right down and in full-length, and he screamed! He thrashed under me, and his cock, w

Read Jizz Saimin Katsudou! Shirayuri Shimai Hen - Aikatsu friends Amatuer Saimin Katsudou! Shirayuri Shimai Hen

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