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#195036 - the 2 guys then dp'd me before dropping me on my back, and Grant slipping his butt on my fist, as he shot his load over my face and boobs. My body went into a spasm, as his cum filled my bowels, pain once more flooded my mind, as the pressure built up, then another orgasm, released the pain, and the pleasure once more took control, then he pulled back, my butt felt the full force of his cock head being pulled out, made me scream. Les had given us a nice light breakfast, and asked what we wanted to do today, I smiled and said, more of last night, Grant said me too, with that I slid down and took Les's cock in my mouth sucking him hard, as Grant went behind me and opened up my brown eye for the day, Les then swapped and lay down, my pussy took him in, as Grant continued to fuck my arse.

Read Punish Yasashii, Batsu | 溫柔的懲罰 - Love live Rica Yasashii, Batsu | 溫柔的懲罰

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