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#366159 - PLEASE LET ME CUM SIR I leaned in and whispered you can cum After a quick second she let out a huge moan Then she screamed with her beautiful voice She kept going for more then a minute Yelling and screaming and moaning. She looked at me for a second after letting go, She grabbed my cheeks with one hand and squeezed them you are so cute! She said in a baby voice It made me so mad She always makes me feel so small She already opened the door when i finally said Angie, come back She looked back yeah honey? I swallowed and tried to sound braver then i was I know about all your porn This was the longest few seconds of my life, i regretted every life decision that led me to this moment, After the eternity that was 10 seconds she closed the door slowly and turned around Ok. I closed it and went straight to my room, i undid my pants and thought about my aunt watching her porn, I didn't need to actually watch it, all I needed was to know it exists.

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