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#148538 - “NOOOOOOOOO, it’s tearing me apart!!” “No it isn’t, I haven’t started to tear your holes apart yet” I ram it all the way home and leave it there, I pick up the small remote control from the table and leave the room. I flick the switch to position 3, full power. I zoom in on her face, her eyes are darting all round the room, her ears listening for any sound, I flick the switch on the remote control to position 1, the dildo begins to vibrate slowly with a low hum, she blinks quickly and opens her eyes wide as the realisation of what has happened hits her, she feels the vibrations in her pussy, her ass and up her spine, she cries out “NO, YOU BASTARD” She scans the room, but sees nothing or no one, she tries to shift her body to lessen the sensations she is feeling, I turn the switch to position 2.

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I do xoxo
Wang liu mei
This could have been a hot vid with a girl who would do it
Misaki kureha
Anyone up for sexting