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#289421 - He always wanted to make sure his whores looked young an fresh, because he was convinced they made more money in the long run! All of his girls were runaways, most from the Midwest, and most from broken homes, and while most of pimps tried to pick them up at the bus terminal, Bobby had always found that if he could get them maybe a week later, they were a lot more hungry and scared, and much easier to take advantage of! A few blocks over was a string of seedy run down bars and diners, just the place that someone with a belly full of hunger might gravitate to. Using a straw, he quickly snuffed up one of the lines into his nose snorting a little, making sure none of the powder was wasted. Robert Richard Parker wheeled his new Caddy slowly down 42nd St.

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Haya isowashi
Fuck yea
Omg those are sexy feet
Fuyuko mayuzumi
Amazing we want more