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#294592 - The moment i got there Terry said dude get your boardies on and come in but i mentioned that i didnt have any with i slight smile he told me to strip to your jocks then it's fine either way. At this point he was smiling lots but being really agressive pushing my head closer to his ball's all the while moving his hips into me. Something was poking at my bum hole then i heard him mumble to himself okay then in a burst of pain i felt his cock penetrate my sphincter, then he stopped, in an almost tender voice he said to me dude relax it will hurt less, i tried to heed his warning but i couldn't i was in shock and could not control myself.

Read Fuck Nakadashi Strike! - Winning strike! Fingering Nakadashi Strike! - Winning strike!

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Mai shiranui
Very sexy perfect
I like it so much