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#387553 - Their told to enter the rooms, strip completely naked and put on hospital gowns { the ones that cover the front but are open in the back }, nervous and extremely exited he watches as they both enter their rooms and he pulls a remote out of his lab coat and presses the top button. Walter leaves the room and unlocks both changing room doors and hands both the mother and son $5000 in cash and says Thank you for your help, the data I gained through this experiment will definately help me in my research happy to be holding $5000 each in their hands the son says I'm glad we were able to help but I can't remember anything and the mother says Yes me too I can't remeber anything after entering the changing room Walter says Yes unfortunately it's a side effect of the new drug I'm researching . Walter can't believe that his plan is working so well and watching this live incest show is making him incredibly aroused, he pulls out his rock hard cock and

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