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#321614 - It was always easier making a mess than tidying one up, he must have been in there for 5 minutes when he heard “So this is where you’ve been hiding” Mike saw Gaynor, standing there in her swimming suit “you avoiding me Mike?” “No, I am just tidying up” she now looked at his trunks “Those are the same trunks aren’t they” he looked down at them and yes she was right, they were the very same black ones “Yes” “Have you washed them, my spit is not still on them is it, my mouth been all over them hasn’t” “Gaynor keep it down” “Nobody is here Mike, it is just you and I”. Her pussy was now tightening around his cock, it was the moment before she came, as her muscles contracted and tightened around his throbbing member she whispered “I did not expect to cum” She arched her back arched as he held her steady but she pulled away from him and rested away from his body lifting her hips into his penis as he struggled to keep hold of her, she was leaning back and if he lost grip she would fal

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