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#172240 - “Listen I hope that you don’t mind, my niece is going to meet us here,” Now Cleo’s niece is a foxy one, with her long black hair, dark blue eyes, full lips, sexy figure and the same size boobs than Cleo, she’s quite the talk of the town as she always goes jogging after work in clothes that didn’t leave much to the imagination. I grabbed hold of one breast, squeezing it and just out of curiosity slapped her hard nipple; she yelped in surprise and moaned in pleasure as the feeling spread through her body. “Come on Megan, I’ve really been looking forward to watch Love Actually,” I perked up immediately, I didn’t like clubbing, but maybe I could offer to go with Crissy, the other three tried to persuade her to go with them, then I remembered that it was the last week of the movie screening and Thursdays were normally the last day, seeing that it was Thursday, Crissy would miss the movie.

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