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#276567 - When Sue moved off, I eased my fist into her ass, his cum helping it slide in, again Chris gasped as we played, but now all my fist and a few inches of arm had gone up her ass, white cum oozing out around my arm, more orgasm rocked Sue as I played inside her body. I saw Chris wanking his cock, as Sue pulled him behind me, I'm sure he had never tried bi sex, but with Sue holding his cock, and my ass now in front of him he had no option; Sue pulled her fist out and shoved his cock into my ass, Chris just stood there, not sure what to do, then Sue said Fuck him as his cock began to move slowly inside me. We headed off interstate on a caravanning holiday, the first main stop over was going to be at a nudist club we like, we were lucky and got there when it was quite and set up well away from the main area, we didn’t want our noisy sex plays to be heard by other.

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