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#112115 - Claire, since you and I started exploring the fantasy of you being my daughter and allowing me the freedom to fantasize about fucking her, during our last few visits I've been thinking of what it would be like, doing just that in reality and I've been hard for weeks thinking about her. I've been setting up a scenario where the two of us are alone in our house after she comes home from school where I will seduce her take it to her bed in her pink little girls room and make love to her. I slowly inserted my finger in her wetness then put my finger into my mouth, watching the look on her face, as I tasted her.

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Is it a cut scene or did she really get an orgasm after 25 seconds
Nagao kagetora
Damn this made me cum hard thx
Regal bryant
Tiene orejitas de gato pero cara de cerdo su ano muy rico muy abiertito de seguro le huele muy rico su anito