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#50500 - Their bodies started sweating a lot so there wasn’t friction between their bodies, and began sliding their bodies effortlessly as they continued having sex their pubic hair started rubbing each other and the worms living in each one’s pubic hair started jumping from one pubic region into another one trying to adapt in a new host, both sweaty hairy pubic regions together created a warm, juicy and perfect environment for the worms Once inside the girl, his foreskin retracted all the way down exposing his glans and corona the eggs situated around here were still stuck to the glans, as he continued sliding in and out his cock the eggs started to fall off inside the girl’s pussy, once born these worms produced a special sticky spit around her vulva from the inside making it impossible for the boy to take out his cock no matter how hard the boy tried, his cock and the girl’s pussy were completely sealed they were connected. Both tried to moan but it was useless due to their mouths were glu

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