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#90654 - I had my willy out and my fingers were slowly rubbing the tiny length up and down while she explained that he was going to fuck her in her bed at home, she was going to make a point of being as loud as she could to make sure her parents and sister knew she was fucking someone that they would discover wasn't myself! I was on the edge but wanted to make it last as long as I possibly could so as she carried on describing how her family were going to guess that I wasn't good enough to please her I was sure my little dick was going to explode! Only when she said that she had put her black knickers on and would leave them totally soaked in semen for her mum to find did I finally start shooting my own little wad that smeared my fingers and tiny shaft as once again my fantastic little princess gave me an orgasm so intense that I thought I was going to pass out despite cumming less than a teaspoon.

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Damn girls cute but her nasty dirty feet are a turn off ladies always get mani pedi and keep feet as nice as they can be or guys will never stay
Sailor saturn | hotaru tomoe
What is the name of a girl without a tattoo with a larger breast