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#187741 - It was while I was being dp that a new guy face fucked me saying, he had been curious to try bi, as I swollowed his cum, I knew he liked what he tried, my ass leaking cum as more guys took turns fucking me. Around 6 pm our friends started to turn up, quickly filling any holes they could, we both enjoyed a few good orgasms before the other guys arrived in a small bus, they had told the wifes etc, it was a pub tour, so they had till 3 am or so for fun. It had been a few months since we had heard from Colin, so when he asked if we would like to meet as the guys were keen to have more fun, of course we said yes, he asked if we could arrange a place to meet at this time, as it was more a guys night out.

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The perfect pose for the perfect job xoxox
At the point in time she s been pregnant