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#85697 - i was helpless she was so pretty just like her mother and i haven't had sex in years now i just wanted to throw her on the bed kiss her ,suck those milky nipples and FUCK HER so hard the she broke my thought process ' ok daddy if you say so ' now lets get dressed 'dont forget you have to drop me too today for college' and after saying the she kissed me on my cheek that made my whole body tingle WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO ME after i dropped her to college my day at the office was out of focus i was thinking about her the day while returning home i was too lost in my thought that i lost my control and had an accident next thing i know i am in a hospital with a broken hand and a leg i was pretty lucky considering the injuries were minor someone was holding my hand that night in hospital i must have gained consciousness at mid-night so it was hard to see but i can sense the breathing air on my palm she was my daughter i felt relieved after seeing her ju

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Nonon jakuzure
Nameof those two woman please
Meguru hachimiya
Amazing girl
Dead master
She needa chill