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#256740 - We all returned to the lounge and Jay began telling me more of what he had done to his sister Dawn l asked why hadn’t he ever mentioned using her before and it seems he thought l would be jealous. We would lower our pants and trousers, l would stand behind Jay and press myself tight up against him so he could feel my cock firmly against his bum then l would reach around to take hold of his cock to wank him, Jay after a while would thrust his hips back and forth as if to be fucking my hand while my cock rubbed up against him, first l would feel his pre-cum start to dribble so l increased the speed of wanking him then put my other hand over the head of his cock ready to catch the hot thick creamy sticky load that was going to ejaculate from the tip of his cock when l had all Jay’s spunk in my hand l would take hold of my cock and begin wanking my own cock which didn’t take long before l was pumping my sticky load of spunk into my hand, sometimes Jay would like me to give his cock a wank

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Nagisa misumi
Me parecio ver a esta chica exhibiendose por cam aca
Purple heart
Tadow by masego
Urumi ushizaki
You are absolutely incredible love the cat related tats too amazing hentais that make my heart race with every second that passes you are a true treasure