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#285223 - Julie was getting more than her fair share of different blokes and i was getting plenty of pervs and teasing keeping me in an almost perpetual state of arousal when i was around there. The other two guys then took the cue and sat down beside her feeling a boob each, Julie started moaning even more so they each started sucking on a nipple getting even more moans out of Julie while Brad was getting very close and was using long deep strokes as he neared his orgasm …. I rarely was invited to Colin and Chris’s house but one time I was there I saw Chris’s dad walk up behind their mum while she was cooking dinner, lifted her skirt up and started fucking her right there in the kitchen, she walked over to get something out of the fridge leaving him standing there with his penis hanging in mid air then walked back to the bench and he just poked it back in and kept going until he grunted a minute or so later and walked off without him noticing me sitting in the other room.

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How the fuck does he last that long and how can she endure this that long
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