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#18950 - I had just gotten off duty and was on my way home when my wife called me. When I got home I was greeted by an cold silence this was not good I thought to myself then I noticed a note pined to the fridge it said your ass is mine I am getting what I need to deal with you and your bullshit at the farm I'll be home at 4:30 I looked at my watch 4:16 well at least I have enough time to shower and change out of my uniform, I got into the shower and washed the day off of me like I was covered in battery acid the thoughts of what had happened at work still racing through my mInd.

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Atra mixta
Your body is sooo hot you look amazing getting fucked
Satoshi yabe
Really liked the stockings maybe wear a thong next time
Taiga kagami
Her laugh is so annoying