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#9448 - One night when she had come back from a night out, I thought she’d been up the Taverna and had been getting a fuck from Chris, but she had a different story to tell. it happened as usual she went out got chatted up by Chris and ended up upstairs naked on the bed, she was sucking his cock and he said he wanted to fuck her and moved down the bed got a Johnny out rolled it on and entered her, she said he fucked her hard and fast and made her do lots of positions and really took control, while fucking her from behind he began slapping her arse and calling her a slut, that made her even hornier and made her come right then, just as he was about to cum he pulled out took off the Johnny and spurted all over her tits. As she wasn’t expecting it, she swallowed it all.

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Hikari tsuneki
Ariel rose
Elina vance
Would love to do this to a slut
Kanade amou
Amazing beautiful just a perfect body