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#23924 - The day drags on and on. after about a hour i asked Dee if she would bring me in a cup of coffee and for her to get her self one too, she knocks on the door and walks in with 2 cups, she puts them on the desk, i told her to sit down for a while and drink her coffee as we had been busy with all the mornings mail, she walks over and sits in the chair, as she is sat there the same thing happens again she slightly opens her legs so i can see her thong and the colour of it, but to my suprise i cant see a thong she didnt have anything on under her skirt. i see Diane and Dee sat at the table, i order my beer quick and drink it down fast, as my train is about to leave, Diane calls me over to her and asks me to sit down, i sit down with then as my train had just left, we sit talking and laughing and after a while i get up to go catch the next train.

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