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#377919 - The week of them having to leave, we were at one another’s house every night, I was fucking them both all the time, she didn’t want to leave, but the company was paying for everything about the move and not cutting her salary so she choose to go. I said so, you want me do you, she blushed bright red, I sat there teasing her by saying well you know that if we did get together, you’d have to do all the cooking for us, and all the cleaning of two homes as I winked at Megan, she was smiling, Charlene didn’t respond, she stood there cooking, Megan chimed in and said wow mom, it would be like old times then, you cooking and cleaning and barefoot and pregnant, that got her then, she turned around and as she did, her tits swung with her bouncing around on her chest, Megan started laughing and said we got you mom, she just hung her head and laughed too. That’s when Megan looked at her mom, Charlene said oh hell, ok, why not, when in Rome and all, she stood up, and started removing her clothes

Read Adolescente Chikuwa o Otabeyo Okita-chan. - Fate grand order Amadora Chikuwa o Otabeyo Okita-chan.

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