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#154524 - She looked at me with a glint in her eye “Yeah right, an excuse to feel my tit I reckon” I’m not sure if she is pissed off with me or not for jabbing her tit so I sort of apologise “I’m sorry if I offended you, I’m not sorry for touching your tit, I think your fit and was hoping to get to know the rest of you” this was now going to end in a fuck or her walking off “the rest of me? Cocky sod aren’t you” she said with a smile, game on I thought. “I’ll be back in a mo, I need a piss” she giggles and stumbles to the toilet, I’m deciding on getting undressed or just waiting. I was careful to be gentle and knew I had entered her pussy; I was an inch in then would pull out and push and enter her a bit more.

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Oh thanks so much
What an apparently innocent laughing during post orgasm torture