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#114077 - . Then she gave me one helluva sadistic stinging whack on my bare bottom! I screamed out so loud that this had brought the attention of almost every one that was in earshot of my totally unexpected screaming wail! With tears of pain flooding my eyes I had tried to extend my wrists and fingers down to rub and sooth my burning buttock, but could barely do so as Amanda now on her knees with the black marker wrote the number # 22 in even bigger and bolder numbers on my red and stinging bare bottom! It was almost dusk and the cool evening air caressed my naked body that had left my burning ass cheek with incredible stimulating goose bumps, as I was walked along. The feeling and desire for some meaningful attention was incredible, I was torn between not moving a muscle something that was almost impossible to do, or trying to arch my little muff out and up just enough so that this little gremlin could actually help me orgasm!.

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Mysterious heroine x
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Junko konno
Come watch me
Rin tooyama
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