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#147431 - It was nighttime and just outside Raiden could hear the cheers of the Pro-Bending arena nearby, guessing the grate must have been near the sea. Upon returning Raiden found Korra and Tenzin arguing, but, tired after what he just accomplished and with a light cough and a headache he tried to go to bed but now Tenzin decided to lecture him And just where were you Raiden! I was out Out where That's none of your concern Tenzin Wha-Wha- None- None of My CONCERN! Thats what I just said? It is my concern I am- I am Tenzin the almighty master of airbending snd city councillor yada yada yada just shut up for once and quit lecturing people old man! Raiden roared back in anger as he coughed heavily and his head began to throb painfully I-Im sorry, I don't know what came over me Tenzin Are you alright Raiden Yeah Rai, you sound and look sick, you've never been sick before I'm fine Korra, don't worry about it, I'll be alright,

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