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#126980 - Matthews patted her arm and said, The first thing we have to do is give you a thorough exam to make sure you actually need the procedure, so if you would please remove your top we can begin! Carolyn stood up while turning her back to the doctor and slipped of her blouse and bra before turning around with her arms at her side and her incredible hanging from her chest!!! The doctor immediately responded, You're right in that you have a truly massive chest, but you are totally wrong in thinking that they are unattractive, believe me although they're large, they have perfect symmetry and elasticity with large pink distinct nipples and excellent skin tone, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, you have exactly what most of the women who sit in these examining rooms desire, which is a truly feminine chest!!! You mean that you won't do the surgery, Carolyn asked sadly?!? I didn't say that, the doctor replied gently, what I said is that although y

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