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#51197 - I leave his dead daughter in her mess and walk into Lilly's room flipping the light on and admiring her pose, easing out of him I take a seat and watch him vent his anger about killing his Amelia on Lilly's more accustomed body, and Lilly snore in dream land, I wonder if she's thinking about cats. I have never eased into a young girl who is rolling and curious as to what the sins of the body can taste like before but it reminds me of Christmas morning when I was five, exhausted, anxious, and tingly like soft snow. I feel him kissing my lips and running his fingers over my hot and swollen newly acquired pussy and he keeps asking me seriously if its ok, his wife would be furious with him for cheating on her with his own daughter; I see the dark fantasy burning behind his eyes in his mind as he gets clearance to not wear a rubber or finish in her loosened up back pussy.

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